Cleaning energy technique

● Call your energy into present time and open a circle. Imagine drawing like a big white neon circle all the way around, visualize that white ray of light, see the ends of that light connect. That's how you know you've got a good container.
● Imagine that the four corners of the room are like pool table pockets. Open those up, we're basically creating portal spaces. As you open those north, south, east, and west, ask that those portals be held and that the energy that you send goes directly to the center of the earth where it can be transformed and transmuted into usable light.
● Give permission for any energy in the room that needs to go, give permission for those energies to turn into liquid light (I usually turn it blue to differentiate it from the circle).
● Imagine the energies that need to leave, let's turn them into a liquid indigo light and let's have those energies pour down the four corners of the room. Visualize that the four corners of the ceiling are also pool table pockets and those open up; and down from those four corners comes (you can turn this any color, I turn it gold) down from those four corners comes these beautiful confetti streamers/liquid gold light coming down and floods the room. With this golden light of peace and love and clarity and beauty and healing forceful strong positive healing light coming from the four corners.
● And now let's seal up those four corner portals; visualizing that energy has already gone to the center of the earth to be transformed and transmuted.
● And now let's seal up those four corner pockets in the ceiling.
● And once all eight of those are completely sealed, now all you have to do is visualize that white
beam of light that you did outside the whole house or building, imagine releasing it. So you opened it clockwise and connected now you're going to disconnect and release it counterclockwise.