Do you use all-natural ingredients?

Yes! I use only natural, organic, wildcrafted ingredients. I make every effort to use ingredient that are as close to nature as possible. I never use synthetic chemicals.

Are you certified organic?

I am not Certified Organic as a brand, but I do use as many certified organic ingredients as possible. To obtain the USDA Organic or Organic certification requires a big investment and rigorous process for my micro-business. Although I would very much love to obtain this certification in the future, it's something that's not as important to me, as providing quality, clean, and beneficial products and being transparent about all my practices. 

What is the shelf life of your products?

I always produce our products in micro-batches, which enables us to serve the most fresh and potent skin care possible. Since our products are 100% all-natural and I do not use any unnatural preservatives whatsoever, our products do have a shelf life, typically 9-12 months unless otherwise noted. If my products are kept out of direct sunlight, untouched by water and at room temperature or below, they will stay fresher longer.

Shelf life can be extended by keeping products below 70F, free of moisture/water, tightly sealed, and store away from direct sunlight. 

  • All Oil Based Serums, Cleansing Oils, Body Oils, Oil Roll-Ons: 9 months from date of purchase
  • All Oil Based Masks: 9 months from date of purchase
  • Hydrating Mists: 6 months from date of purchase
  • Hydrosols(unpreserved): 3-6 months from date of purchase (best to keep refrigerated

I don't recommend stock piling, and instead just ordering what you need for a 3-6 month period at a time. 

Why is the product I received different than the color on your website or different than the last one I bought? 

The color and texture of our products can change batch to batch. Natural ingredients vary in color and texture due to factors such as plant environment, harvest time, weather, region and more. Change in color or even slight scent change does not affect the quality or benefits of our products.