• Plant Love Botanicals is small batch, hand crafted, honestly clean and intuitive skin care and aromatherapy made from the purest plant-based ingredients, infused with crystals to enhance the energy of the ingredients

We are all goddesses

I believe that the greatest beauty is derived from your intuition. When we stop to listen to our bodies, we can discover what is (and is-not) serving us. Clean beauty is more than skin deep, it's an intuitive, self-loving ritual which helps us feel nurtured, confident and recharged.

The migraine relief has been a God send to help relieve my chronic migraines. The anxiety relief blend has also been amazing/calming for my son on the Autism spectrum.

Renee T

I love the Hot flash hormone balancing mist! It’s the only thing that helps me.  I have all my girlfriends hooked on it now too! 

Carol N

I am in awe of you and your magical potions which are making a huge difference on my skin even after only a few days! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Ruth H

I have never used a face serum before. My skin is sensitive and it was just what the doctor ordered for winter skin. My skin doesn’t feel so papery and thin at the end of the day. Absolutely love this product and just repurchased! 

Jessica G

Your sleeping mist spray is absolutely amazing when you put on your pillow, just before sleep! Highly recommend it, gives a great nights sleep.

Wendy S