My story

Welcome to Plant Love Botanicals


I am the sole proprieter and operator, from the process of formulation, to sourcing, bottling, labeling, artwork, marketing and more. I truly love what I do, this labor of love doesn't feel like a labor at all. 


Through intensive research and my combined passion for plant medicine and crystals, I have created Plant Love Botanicals. Everything I make is hand-crafted in micro batches, with the highest quality organic, all-natural and ethical ingredients. All of my products are infused with intuitively chosen crystals that amplify the energy of the oils that heal and nourish the skin and smell divine. 


I believe seeds, flowers, and plants are the most magical beings in our worldly existence. They offer their power, beauty and wisest secrets. To tell stories to transform, heal and guide us towards an entire library of discovery into the botanical kingdom.


Naturally yours, Rebecca

“Crystals offer a direct route into mindful living. All crystals have the ability to heal— that is, to bring you back into balance— but each type also has specific properties that it brings to mindfulness. A crystal may assist on different levels, depending on its energetic vibration. We also each have our own individual vibration & respond to crystals in different ways. As crystals work for your highest good, trust them to bring you back into energetic harmony”— Judy Hall