The Mystical Power of Copal


Step into the mystical world of copal — a sacred resin revered across many cultures for thousands of years. Copal has a rich history of use in spiritual practices, healing ceremonies, and as a form of currency. From the Aztecs to African tribes, copal has been highly valued for its potent energy, master healing properties, and ability to connect us to higher realms. Whether you’re new to copal or work with it regularly, it’s worth diving into copal’s fascinating history, modern-day uses, and profound healing properties.

What is Copal?

Also known as ‘young amber,’ copal is a natural resin that comes from trees in the Burseraceae family and is primarily found in Central and South America, specifically in Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador. The resin is harvested by making cuts in the tree’s bark, allowing the sap to flow out and harden into a resin over time. Copal resin is collected by hand and requires skill and precision to ensure quality. This extra-special resin has been used for its spiritual and medicinal properties for centuries.

 Types of Copal

There are three primary types of copal resin — blanco (white), oro (gold), and negro (black), each with its own unique properties and characteristics.

 Blanco copal is known as ‘white copal.’ It is the purest variety of copal and is often used in spiritual practices for its cleansing properties. Blanco copal is a creamy white color with a light, citrusy scent. It’s traditionally used in ceremonies to purify and protect spaces, clear negative energy, and create a connection with the spiritual realm. It is also used for medicinal purposes, as it has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.



 Oro copal also known as ‘gold copal.’ It is characterized by its golden color and warm, resinous scent. It has strong purifying and protective properties and is often used in spiritual practices to honor deities or ancestors, create sacred space, and enhance meditation and visualization.

Negro copal, also known as ‘black copal,’ is characterized by its dark, almost black color and deep, earthy scent. The dark color results from the resin mixing with bits of bark or other plant material during harvesting. While some prefer to remove the material before using the resin, others believe it adds further healing properties to the mix. Negro copal has powerful properties of grounding, protection, and manifestation. It’s been used by indigenous cultures for centuries to communicate with ancestors and to bring forth guidance and higher-realm wisdom.

In Conclusion….Copal is a sacred resin imbued with the wisdom and energy of generations of healers and spiritual practitioners. Its rich history of use in traditional medicine and spiritual practices spans cultures and continents, making it a revered and beloved substance for those seeking healing and enlightenment. Whether you burn it as incense, wear it as jewelry, or add it to a bath, copal offers a multitude of healing and spiritual benefits. As you connect to its potent energies, you may find yourself drawn closer to the Divine and the deep wisdom of higher realms. Allow it to purify your space, enhance your spiritual practice, and elevate your mind, body, and spirit to new heights of transformation and growth.