Mary Magdalene Handcrafted Botanical Soap

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Mary Magdalene

Handcrafted Botanical Soap

Magdalene is inspired by the legend of the woman – the woman who sinned, who was forgiven, and who loved without limit. The woman who cleaned Jesus’ feet with her hair and anointed him with sacred oils and herbal medicines. Magdalene witnessed both the crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection, and legends tell that she was buried near the site where he rose from the dead in the tomb marked simply, Mariamene. This soap is designed to honor the woman, myth, and legend who gave selflessly in service of her faith and who appreciated her gift of forgiveness for her entire life. She walked the talk, did the hard work of transformation, and stood in reverence as she lost the man who brought beauty and salvation to her in her hour of need.

For me, Magdalene is a figure of hope, inspiration, and wisdom. I see in her my own shortcomings, my own inability to walk a path of perfection, but also my own worthiness of salvation and my ability to love and serve a higher purpose.


Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, water, fair trade shea butter, caster oil, a blend of lemon grass, lavender & cedarwood essential oils, bentonite clay, zinc oxide & lavender buds


4+ OZ