Fertility Crystal Set

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Fertility Crystal Set


The emotional &  physical journey of trying to conceive, followed by the extreme transformation our bodies undergo during the 9 months of pregnancy, make fertility and pregnancy arguably among the most important uses for healing gemstones. When the unique energies in each of these gemstones radiate through the energy centers in our bodies, vibrational healing occurs, both physically & emotionally.


This listing is for (1) fertility crystal set which includes (5) tumbled crystals. Each crystal average between .75”- 1.5” in size. Each order comes with a small mesh bag for carrying crystals. Set includes:



Rainbow Moonstone

Rose Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Green Aventurine

Crystal Information Sheet



Every crystal is one of a kind in shape & size & will vary slightly in color & clarity.




Crystal Properties:




Widely used to enhance fertility, &  helps promote a healthy pregnancy and labor.  Many doulas insist on the presence of Unakite in the delivery room. The gemstone’s blending of pink (caring & passion) with green (abundance & nurturing) symbolizes the unconditional bond between mother & child. Unakite also helps expectant moms navigate challenging moments. It helps lift spirits and promotes patience & persistence.




Known as the ultimate fertility crystal. It gives calming energies & stable emotions. It also promotes natural conception. Moonstone is very powerful because it’s aligned with the energy of the moon, which has a feminine energy. Historically, when a piece of Moonstone is placed under a full moon and charged with divine feminine energy, it can help significantly with fertility.




Increases fertility & brings peace & calm. It increases your overall fertility and is also helpful in treating sexual dysfunctions. Rose quartz is a very helpful and protective crystal during pregnancy & childbirth. It removes your fears, resentments, & anger when you’re trying to deal with your fertility issues as well.




Increases your fertility & balances your sexual energy. It helps ease depression that can arise in your attempts to get pregnant. This crystal also has a good effect on the sexual organs & boosts their overall functions.




Encourages fertility, pregnancy, & love. It’s also known to bring vitality, optimism, & luck. Aventurine is also associated with the heart chakra, providing comforting, soothing energy & protecting our hearts throughout the intense emotional highs & lows all too common while trying to conceive, and later, throughout pregnancy.