Pain Away Bath Soak

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Pain Away Bath Soak is a deeply nourishing anti inflammatory soak to help alleviate body aches and pain, and restore harmony in your body while leaving your skin ultra soft. A perfect ally for chronic pain such as fibromylagia, athletes and sports recovery & joint + bone issues such as arthritis.



The healing properties of Arnica Montana and Birch oil act as an anti-inflammatory and improve blood circulation. Which very helpful in giving relief in diseases associated with improper circulation such as edema (swelling), rheumatism, and arthritis.


Infused with Bloodstone crystals to bring relief from pain and promotes rejuvenation, endurance, and protection. It also strengthens the Root chakra and promotes closure and healing in emotional situations.

 8 oz


Magnesium Sulfate

Dead Sea Salts

Birch essential oil 

Arnica essential oil