Sensitive Skin Serum

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Sensitive skin serum focuses on gently reducing inflammation and symptoms like redness, dryness, itchiness and blotchiness. This would be suitable for eczema, dermatitis or even psoriasis.


Evening primrose oil is high in omega 6 fatty acids essential for skin health. It's anti-inflammatory properties are amazing at curing eczema and other allergenic skin conditions. It boosts blood circulation which will give your skin cells what they need for regeneration while giving you a healthy glow.

Jojoba oil has a fatty acid profile that is almost identical to our own sebum, making it easily and quickly absorbable. Because it hydrates it can actually help calm overactive sebaceous glands that go into overdrive when skin is parched. It's an excellent emollient and helps treat irritating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Jojoba can seal in moisture and create a barrier against harsh elements and external toxins.


German Blue Chamomile - This beneficial essential oil is a cousin of the daisy, known to be gentle and relaxing. It penetrates deep into the layers of your skin where its concentrated anti-inflammatory properties can restore and soothe irritated skin, burns, and other angry conditions. German chamomile oil has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties making it perfect for sensitive skin prone to inflammation and breakouts.

Lavender is the most commonly used essential oil. It's high in anti-oxidants and improves mood and brain function. It's anti-inflammatory qualities heal acne, sunburn and allergenic skin conditions. Lavender is extremely healing, regenerative, antibacterial, and astringent which efficiently treat oily skin prone to acne. It's also beneficial for irritated, damaged skin, dilated pores, scars, stretch marks and dark spots.


Infused with Rose Quartz crystals for self love 


1 oz bottle 

  • Evening Primrose Oil 
  • Jojoba oil
  • Lavender essential oil 
  • Blue Chamomile essential oil